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Music: @skyzoo - Finesse Everything

Skyzoo introduces us to his upcoming 8 track EP, Peddler Themes, set to drop next week Friday (July 21st). He drops the first rip from it titled Finesse Everything and boy is it all the way up with that finesse. You can always rely on Skyzoo to patch your wounded music heart with that good old heartfelt lyrical prowess accompanied by classic beats.

Such is the case on Finesse Everything produced by !llmind who kills some mad layers in the hook with a sample and DJ Scratches that will have you making those ugly, "daaamn n!%ga" faces while you bop your head senseless! Meanwhile, Skyzoo is his godly self - may not sell a million records but he's got mad skill enough to lend it to 90% the game right now and he stays finessing every little thing! I am healed.

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