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Music: @Skepta - Hypocrisy

One of my most notable artists from London, Skepta, drops a new piece after his insane No Security video earlier this year, as well as perking up people's ears on Drake's More Life album.

He's in a league of his own and you can tell with the grime influence in his music. Don't get it twisted though, the raps are sharp as hell. He's not playing along to the two-faced game that governs world systems like media on Hypocrisy. Although he gave what one can easily classify as a "woke" verse on Wizkid's Ojuelegba remix, he says he's not into "that conscious rap" on here. Mmm. Sure thing hombre. But then again, consciousness is a relative state of mind noh? Maybe he just doesn't want to be boxed into anything. No matter, we love the sense of urgency on Hypocrisy.

Stream it over here: