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Music: @sabaPIVOT ft @noname - Church / Liquor Store

Oooh! This is my kinda vibe. This is magic! Saba's storytelling ability is formidable. On Church/Liquor Store he takes us with him down a road in Chicago where churches are right opposite to liquor stores and so he juxtaposes between both worlds. He tells the story of a neighbourhood which consists of heavy crime to simple hard working civilians just tryna be about their lives. I love Noname's appearance on this one too. She's the truth plug. This song really comes together. Kudos to Cam O'bi for providing this beautiful canvas of a beat for these artists to paint realities on. The first single off Bucket List, set to drop on the 27th of October, has already set the tone for what's to come from Saba.

Stream the magic over here: