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Music: @Royceda59 - C. Delores

King Royce is continuing with the Bar Exam series dropping the 4th installment today (EST). He jumps onto Lupe Fiasco's Mural beat for a socially charged piece which features speeches that are anti-"gangster rap" as he goes off on the track. He's sounding almost like he's in a fight and needs to be held back as he ripples on like a machine gun spewing toxic rhymes. AY YAI YAI! What is my life? Royce is the GOAT okay?

Ironically, in C. Delores although juxtaposed by disapproval, Royce 5'9 is showing the strength that rap actually is. How powerful it is as a medium of expression. The very freedom of expression that is at stake in the motion to gag "gangster rap". Beautifully done.

Stream it over here: