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Music: @rmean - The Way I Am

The Nas & Em mixtape is finally out and the next gem to come from it is The Way I Am, a freestyle over Eminem's 16 year old joint with the same title. This song takes us through R-Mean's life who happens to be a pharmacist by profession. It appears his family, expectedly so, doesn't understand his rap hustle as can be picked up in the song. Even more so, it seems some don't approve of his multi-racial interactions with other people. Damn! In 2016, we still have parents who judge their talented rap princes? Eish! Kunzima. I can see why Eminem is R-Mean's inspiration, the more I get to know him through these remixes the more I see how he relates so deeply with him. Man, I pray someone hooks these two up. Even if it's just for a handshake.

Have a listen: