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Music: @rmean - Letter To The King

Oooohweee! First of all, every Nas and Eminem fan should really be put onto R-Mean's Nas & Em project set to drop next week Monday. He gave us remixes of their originals with Nas' Made Ya Look" then he did Dr Dre's *Underrated. Today he tackles the legendary Renegade beat to pay homage to his hero in Letter To The King. He revisits all the best moments for him in Eminem's strides and continues to put it to the universe that one day he hopes to work with Em. Can someone fax Nas and Eminem already? This is amazing. Like I said, if you're feeling yourself enough to step onto legendary records then you BEST to bring your A-game. R-Mean is so higher grade! SHEESH!

Hear the letter over here: