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In Defense of Jesus Or Reazus? As We Wait For The Music

I listened to the freestyle and as we wait for it to drop let me drop some jewels.
I grew up in a house where Jesus was the man so I relate with the sensitivity.
It's also 2015 and I hate it when people say South Africans are not ready for this type of debate or controversy but America and the rest of the world is.
It makes it sound like South Africans aren't ready to listen to a different perspectives and make an independent decision.
Which to a certain extent is what the apartheid government was saying about black South Africans.

So with Reason dropping the alarming artwork which was a shock to my system and clearly a lot of other people.

I wondered whether what I know about religion and the taboo around the blasphemy was more important than hearing Reason's motive.

At the end of the day the biggest wars are caused by intolerance especially in religion and I wondered if God approves of all the deaths that have been in his name since man made their grand entrance on the earths surface.

Is our God so helpless that he would send human beings who are mostly lost and are constantly trying to find themselves to fight for him or does God put us around people that will allow us to learn to be our best whether we agree or disagree with their choices.

People have been dying for hundreds of years cause they can't tolerate each other.

So would it be fair to assume God doesn't want us to handle his affairs on earth cause we aren't the best resolvers of conflict? We kill,degrade, hate and say hurtful things to people who have different opinions in his name.
If God cheers that it would be like your mother applauding you for killing your brother when he does wrong. If your faith is strong is it fair to also say that the person you think offends your God will be dealt with by your God and not you? See historically religious wars have been caused by people who believed that they must defend Gods on earth when God sees us all as equals even the sinners- and we all have a lot of sin.
So let's talk about Reason only God knows what's going on in his head just like he knew what was going on in the head of the guy that drew the first picture of Jesus.
In the same way Jesus loves and tolerates all of his sinning children our place is to be tolerant with one of ours on earth.
If not we need to ask ourselves whether we fighting for an IMAGE we grew up believing is Jesus so much that we forgetting to ask ourselves WWdJD- What Would Jesus Do?
If the answer is the latter then I hope you now understand why its not in any mans place to judge another especially on Gods behalf.

He has a plan for all of us even those that you think are lost.

Now make sure you download the song at one o clock today and see if whatever you thought is valid after you hear it.