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Music: @RealRemyMa - Mask Off (Remix)

Remy will stay reminding young kids that she's queen in case they forget. She went off on this one, I can't say I'm surprised though, like come on, it's Remy.

She spits some dope bars on Future's Mask Off instrumental which has now taken on a life of it's own since other artists like Mysoon and Chance The Rapper went and remixed it. Remy goes in hard and repeats the line, "murder next, who Imma murder next?" like she's looking for an opponent after she went and dropped a track dissing Nicki Minaj. "New York b-ch red bottom Timberlands, blood on them we ain't never gon' be friends again". Remy is tryna bully the kids, love it! Purely for the culture, we'll see who her next target will be.

Check it out: