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Music: @rmean - W.A.R

You need to listen in very closely on the radio for this intricate tale by R-Mean with this week's edition of Mean Mondays. You can already hear the Eminem influence in W.A.R which is obvious because if you follow R-Mean you'd know that Em is one of his major influences.

W.A.R is a narration of many a letter back and forth between William, April and Ray who are a married couple, and siblings separated by the army. A startling turn of events transpires as William writes to April about Ray (her brother) being captured, only for Ray to write to her telling her that William (her husband) is the trade for his life. Shu! R-Mean is such a god at this story telling thing bathong! I'm so hurt. I feel like I just watched a movie without a happy ending. Sad. Beautiful.

Stream it over here: