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Music: @rmean - Lord Forgive Me

With a whole 52 weeks of the year and a track each Monday, there will be no stones left unturned in these raps. Case and point, R-Mean comes through with the deep Lord Forgive Me about the burden of staying true to someone in their lowest. He takes us from a hospital to the club, a bathroom make-out scene, and then to a sad moment of drowning one's sorrows in alcohol. But that's not where this ends; it goes onto a freeway with a speeding car and a seductress who ends up leading the driver to running over innocent girls crossing the road due to negligence (or rather, toxic euphoria).

The air of this song is tinged with looming danger cradled by this amazing voice on the hook that almost serves as an ad-beak between the building scenes that R-Mean paints. I'm in love with this man's pen. NO WAYS! I'm taken.

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