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Music: @rmean ft @Illcamille - Hard To Feel Me

Admittedly, we tripped up on the last few updates on the #MeanMondays but you can always know without a shadow of doubt that R-Mean keeps the ball rolling. We're in week 21 and voila, a brand new piece to awe over.

R-Mean is by far one of my favourite new artists I've added to my playlist. His soul punches through the raps time and again. On Hard To Feel Me, he and Illcamille connect over hardships 'cause we essentially all have a past struggle or pain that a lot of us can relate to but that many can never truly understand either. This is what Hard To Feel Me is about. If you've never been broke or hurt the way they have, it's gonna be hard for you to connect with their wavelength. Goosebump music.

Stream it over here: