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Music: @Marazamc - Never Be The Same / Guy Like Me Interlude

As we get closer to Blind, which drops on Friday, Maraza is not letting us countdown silently. He's dropping not just one, but two tracks ahead of the album. Today, he drops one of the bonus tracks we saw on the tracklist he shared last week (as I predicted). On Thursday, he will drop the official follow up to Gwan titled Ayi Ngeke, which might I add, is fire! Anyway, the explanation he gave me for Never Be The Same / GLMI is that after this week, his life, the industry and music as a whole will never be the same again. Now, he's not expecting to become a millionaire of sort. He just recognises that things will never be the same as what they've been for the past few years for him once he drops Blind.

This song is so beautiful. And since we know that Maraza kills hooks, he decided to add a live saxophone to substitute the chorus so that we could interpret that in whatever way we saw fit.

What does this song mean to you? Let us know.