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Music: @Marazamc ft @ginger_trill x @SummertimeCANE - #WhereTheyAt

Mayday, mayday! Where they at?!

For those of you that don't know Maraza's work ethic, you about to learn today. See how he's just dropping music left, right and center? This ain't even about the promo for the album. It's the status quo. He lets go of production reigns on this Street Carnivore piece and he tags along squad members, Trilly Suave and Summertime CANE with a synth heavy warning. This is not a follow-up to Gwan, nah! This is just music for you to get acquainted with the genius. I rest my case. Blind is out 21st October bathong. We are that much closer!

Please be careful when you stream this!