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Music: @Malfisn2s ft @JayClaud3 - Doin' Good

Born in South Africa and raised in Detroit before relocating back to SA, the boy Malfis gives us a track titled Doin' Good joined by Jay Claud3 which describes how well he's doing after all the punches he endured in his life.

After the loss of his mother and the disappointment of his first mixtape not being able to gain him recognition, the rapper decided to take a break from the music and reflect on everything he had been through. He was fortunate enough to have a track of his titled Xtraordinary do really well on radio and TV, this was just the beginning as he later had a chance to collaborate with DJ Tira and Scoobynero to name a few. An independent artist with his own record label and aiming to work with other cats on the come up. This track is sort of a celebration of him being well again and focusing on what he loves, the music.

Check it out: