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Music: @macklemore x @RyanLewis x @deboogirl - Drug Dealer

Man I miss this outfit. Not that they've gone anywhere, but at the rate that we're dropping music lately, most of our favourites become saturated in the overflow of music to consume. Alas, Macklemore holds true to his social commentary by tackling the issue of drug abuse and addiction. I suspect this song is in line with an insert that played yesterday on MTV(America) in the #RxForChange campaign where Macklemore spearheaded conversation with President Barack Obama about affordable rehabilitation in America to help fight the war on drug addiction. It's really dope to see artists standing up and using their voice for causes that the regular joe struggles with but doesn't have a loud enough voice to speak on. This is why we love Macklemore. He's such an initiator.

Stream the power over here:

Macklemore talking to President Barack Obama about rehab centres: