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Music: @LittleSimz ft @BibiBourelly - Customz

One of my rap WCE, Little Simz, wanted to share something laid back with us and Customz with the sassy Bibi Bourelly is the end result. This one's for the globe trotters who are at this and the other international airports every other time. But wait, it can also be for you the dreamer hoping to one day touch down at your dream destination.

Little Simz and Bibi Bourelly manage to pack you into their backpacks painting clear pictures of Dubai, Japan, London and Los Angeles. You feel like an observer waiting for their flight as they watch everyone huddle along through customs. You also travel by Little Simz' side as she chills with you sipping on that whisky she talks about, lighting 'em jets and touring the world. It doesn't help that Astronote also provided the most scenic of a canvas for these two fires to burn on. Their chemistry is undeniable and I'm most certain they not only know where the pots are, but they also buried them in multiple continents around the globe.

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