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Music: Like Of Pac Div Drops Debut Solo Album, 'Songs Made While High'

Like of Pac Div has finally dropped his debut album. I always wondered when this cat would give in and go the solo route because he is talented and sounds mad nice whethere he is with a group or without one.

Peep what he had to say about his new album Songs Made While High

"It takes me a long time to create. Especially when I thrive on inspiration. I need the experiences of life to help push me artistically. The reason I titled this album 'Songs Made While High' wasn't because I'm a pseudo-druggy (I only smoke weed and occasionally take shrooms). As cliche as it may sound, music gets me high. I'm addicted to sounds and melodies, Chords and samples- colors and soundscapes my brother and I heard growing up in church; or cleaning our parents home Saturday mornings (mom always played Sade and Anita baker). My dad always played and sang beautiful songs on his upright piano. I want to thank everyone who played a hand in developing this project with me, it's my first & hopefully not my last."

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