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Music: @Kyle_Deutsch ft @KwestaDaKAR x @BigStar_Live x @Real_Tellaman x @SHEEN_SKAIZ - Can't Get Enough Remix

Yeerrr! I cannot contain the rush I'm feeling right now. I knew this remix was bound to be fire and I'm so glad we didn't have to wait too long before it got delivered to our hearts with a black box and a red bow. Let me start by saying I never espedet Tellaman's entry on this joint. I love how he and Kyle compliment each other vocally on the song. Enter Big Star Johnson and yet another display of his diversity. This boy is too flexible to contain. Sheen Skaiz' laid back verse that connects as a beautiful bridge from the smooth opening of the song to the thug ending in DaKAR's closure is delivered with finnesse. Well constructed, clean and very sexy. Where my ladies at right now? Shu!

Stream it over here: