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Music: @TheRealKoolGRap ft @iamcormega x @manolo_rose x @REALSHEEKLOUCH - Capitol Hill

The game is wide open right now and what a time it is to be alive when come backs are not a big fuss about whether OG's are still relevant or not. It's evident in the many albums by vets that are dropping within the next months. Don't count Kool G Rap out of the sparks with his album The Return Of The Don, as he oozes in with the coolest demeanour to let it be known that you never lose street finesse.

Capitol Hill houses Cormega, Manolo Rose and Sheek Louch for a lyrical coup. "This sh! could get ugly!" and quite frankly you don't want to be the one who comes after these fellas 'cause judging from their diary of a gangster raps, they're dangerous!

Stream it over here: