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Music: @JoeBudden - I Gotta Ask

Currently on his The Rage Tour, Joe Budden blesses us with what might be the last stop to Rage & The Machine, his next album dropping this Friday as well. I honestly cannot contain my excitement for this Friday bathong! On I Gotta Ask, Joe Budden's got a few questions for the game right now. He's addressing the current state of the music from following fashion trends, assuming he's referring to how swag is overhyped before the raps. He also touches on popularity, over the raps again. To be real, not all of us can have the raps going for us so we compensate with other elements of this entertainment thing. I digress to a shady place. To bring it back, Joe Budden fell in love with this Hard Knock Life type beat from araabmMuzik and he succeeds in complimenting that same vibe that Jigga brought in the late 90's. The heads approve!

Stream it over here: