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Music: @E40 ft @iitsAD - On One

Whoah! Approach with caution! In fact, start howling your name from 5 miles away! Hahah. These are the vibes I'm getting from this E-40 joint. I especially love the fact that it could mean anything to anyone. You could be "On One" as in, being completely lit or high, or you could be mad on your hustle for that paper or simply not be tryna talk to anybody. Either way, the song is certified a club banger by E-40 himself so it's bound to get you moving. And if not, it'll be the soundtrack of your all-day mean mug missions. This is just a starter 'cause E-40 plans to release an entire 42-track double album titled The D-Boy Diary Books 1 & 2 next month. YOH!

Stream the banger over here: