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Music: @DjSwitchSA x @CassperNyovest - Raphanda Wena Wetsang - Free Download

Good morning now when I first heard this song last year sometime Cassper was still on a come up. I think he'd just dropped Phuma'Kim and I remember debating with some cats I won't name that Phuma'Kim is going to be a jam….I won the bet. When I heard this track though I was convinced that this Cassper Nyovest guy that I was about to know better over time is on a serious mission and has an ear for making hits. I've been harassing Dj Switch about pushing this song and Im glad they finally put some work on it and shot the video,next step is sampling every radio station.
This is that "bumper sticker music" thats when you see a taxi with a sticker thats written Raphanda Wena Wetsang.
Dj Switch and Cassper Nyovest were kind enough to offer this anthem for all the hustlers. You can download it for free over here.