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Music: @djkhaled ft @Drake - To The Max

Finally, the Drake vocals are in and we're good to go with the album Grateful. Yesterday the key holder, the mayor, DJ Khaled revealed the very cool cover for his next album Grateful when he announced that it's available to pre-order. Along with your pre-order you can get another throw away, To The Max which features Drake.

Thank goodness the vocals came in, phela we searched all over for them and we're glad we didn't even wait too long. To The Max is admittedly like nothing we'd expect from a combination of these two. From Drake, absolutely, 'cause his flavour has become so diverse now. The track is mad vibey, fast paced and almost more party than something hip hop. It's a sure dance floor burner.

Is Asahd the most famous infant in the world or what?

Stream it over here:

Watch DJ Khaled go crazy in this clip, I suspect this will become a challenge pretty soon: