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Music: @iamDEMRICK ft @iamEuroz @DizzyWright - Let It Burn

We get this brilliant piece of art under the Still Movin Mondays banner and Demrick is all the heart strings for me. He's sounding like a dream story teller as he goes through his journey telling the story of a man needing to provide for his family and in search of prosperity.

Let It Burn pulls in Euroz and Dizzy Wright who are sharp blades on this track. As the song continues to open, it sounds like three wisemen sitting around a fire telling tales of long ago under the clear sky (while dragging on the holy herb too). I'm so drawn into each of their voices, the sincerity in their reflections and how they skillfully tell their stories while showing excellent rhyming prowess. This jazzy production is mad soulful. YES PLEASE!

Stream it over here: