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Music: @DarnellWilliams ft @CaseyVeggies - Yung Spike Lee

Who is this? Yes please kind sir! Darnell Williams ladies and gentlemen from Detroit, he and Casey Veggies are feeling like young film creme-de-la-creme money bags. I'm also here for this grungy production from Danny Parra, DAMN! Yung Spike Lee sounds like a proper apocalypse. How he managed to make this beat so dangerous, looming in danger yet so subtle in a twisted way. So sophisticated.

Back to the raps, Darnell and Casey Veggies are not having anyone's mess of this joint. The mood is "no f!%ks to be distributed 'round these here parts". I am in love. The dance between the fellas on the verses is noteworthy stuff.

Stream it over here: