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Music: @common ft @Bilal - Home

All hail the great Common! Do we acknowledge the legend spirit of this man? His lyrical finesse, his social commentary, the stature, I mean, only a few can ever come to his level. How does he manage to stay so relevant while keeping to his artistic core? DAMN!

We're waiting for his Black America Again album which drops on 4th November and features Bilal quite extensively. Common's been feeding our souls with his latest drops leading up to the release, including some cool remixes of current songs, most recently adding his verse to Solange's Cranes In The Sky which I've been obsessed with looping. On Home, Common addresses issues of race and violence these days staying in tune with the theme of his upcoming album. I for one am glad that someone of his stature is making it their responsibility to be a voice for his troubled people.

Stream it over here: