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Stream & Download: @ChadDaDon ft @only1cello x @WreckingCrew_ZA - Money And The Power

Chad gives us his highly anticipated single Money And The Power featuring Cello and the The Wrecking Crew. The track has been trending on Twitter for some time now and the boy finally blesses us with this heat. We've been waiting on it since we saw the announcement.

Soon as the beat falls in you're waiting with baited breath for the juice. The hook tag team is major key, the synergy of each voice on the track is so eventful. It's like a blind magic show performed through sound. With every new appearance your head perks up with attention. Can we talk about the intricacy of the beat as well? That trumpet signing out at the end is such a special touch. This is so dope. MORE, MORE PLEASE!

Stream it over here:

Download it here