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Music: @Bylwansta x @Champ_tile - Gotta Be Kiddin

We saw them do a joint campaign for the Hype Freshman 2017 voting poll and they won. Now, after having worked together for so long, on so many other things either than on an actual song, Durban's golden boys Bylwansta and Champ link up on Gotta Be Kiddin. Produced by Champ the boys lash out, with immense sophistication though, about the intricacies of being a come up rapper and just what the struggle is all about. After everything one goes through just trying to make it in this music business, you get people who pull up and sh! on that? you gotta be kiddin us!

Have a listen:

Oh and by the way, the boys are having private sessions with 50 people who follow their music by invite. It's called Plus 50 Music and you too can get the nod of you follow @Plus50Music. The next one is next week Friday: