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Music: @BlaQ_Slim x @ChingaTime x @Amilca_Mezarati x @Three6Boolz "Aphe Kapa" Remix

No one knows that these four kids may slowly be tilting the Cape Town sound with each bar, verse as the music keeps rolling on.

You see in city where many homies are lifting up the mother city x giving her the energy that she so rightly deserves these homies are introducing a new sound in the mother city which you can hear its influence from trap on this ApheKapa remix.


Its time we showlove to the new era of Cape Town Hip Hop

ApheKapa is a smash & if you in the streets of Cape Town you can be sure to be proud of & ride to this joint as an anthem.

Listen to the joint below or you can download it after the jump.

Download Aphe Kapa Remix Here

Oh ya lastly... ApheKapa siz Pholele ekse