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@Mr_Mozzy South African Hip Hop Awards – Recap

The scene is a tranquil Johannesburg night sky overlooking the Lyric theatre which played the venue to the 2015 South African Hip Hop Awards. I was there in the flesh to witness first hand all the jaw dropping scandals, cringe-worthy moments and eye-watering performances.

Overall I would like to say congratulations to The Ritual Media team for putting together a production that does not only serve to entertain but extend itself as a watering hole that replenishes the soul of our beloved SA Hip Hop industry. In this post I will be recapping just some the winners.

Best Freshman

They need to start calling me a prophet because in my previous post I predicted this outcome. The youngin’ Nasty C took home the accolade which was the crowning piece to an already impressive year. I personally cannot wait to see what Nasty C has install for us in 2016 but the expectations are high.

Lyricist of the Year

In his acceptance speech, Tumi made the revelation that previous to this award, he has never won any award ever. This comes as an astonishing fact as we all can pretty much agree that dude is certified SA hip hop legend status. Tumi has now provided 2 generations of hip hop lovers with cold hard bars like a penitentiary and grootman doesn’t seem like he’s about to stop anytime soon.

Most Valuable Player

AKA was the biggest winner of the night as he took home MVP, Best Digital Sales, Milestone Achievement and as well as sharing Video of the Year and Best Collabo with now estranged Anatti. AKA was not present at the awards which was all the well to avoid some awkward moments but ultimately and sadly cheated us out of a performance and showcase of the formidable shoulder roll. AKA has been surprisingly humble about coming out as the most decorated artist of the evening but hey who’s complaining. Props and big ups to SupaMega for the consistency and if you take a look at the catalogue, he clearly deserves the plaudits.

Milestone Achievement

The scandalous moment of the night serendipitously arrived as Cassper Nyovest was awarded for his album obtaining platinum status, an award AKA also received on the night for having a gold single and album. I think it’s also worthy to mention that just before that award, Cassper was snubbed Hustler of the Year for pulling off possibly the greatest hustle since DJ Sbu tried to convince us that he wasn’t Mzekezeke. I’m talking about the fact that Cassper received no recognition for proving pretty much all of us wrong when he filled up the dome. His evening took a turn for the worse as he was booed and got aggravated into hurling derogatory statements into the crowd and steamed off like a scorned child. I definitely think an artist who has achieved what he has deserves more respect than that but on the other hand dude could have handled the situation better.

Song of the Year

Emtee should have won another award for acceptance speech of the night when he scooped up the coveted song of the year title. The dude won the crowd over with his DJ Khaled inspired speech as he described his rags to riches journey. He gave us quotables that left us inspired as he said “I started with just 1 pair of sneakers, now I have 16!” and right before jumping off stage he kept it real and gave us another one: “Yal better have your prayers up!” Shoutout to Emtee!

Best Male and Album of the Year

uBoss Zonke also known as Ricky Rick took home arguably the two biggest awards of the night. His album, Family Values beat whatever expectations had been set before him. We all know Ricky for his rock star-esque charisma during his performances and trend cultivating lyrics on his features but he put out a body of work that exclaimed his position as a formidable force in the SA hip hop scene. You get the feeling that Ricky is generally a good dude from when he detracted himself from the lures of useless beefs with the line “I just had my first kid 'Give a f@*k about a beef”. Ricky Rick is here to push the music and he’s here to push umswenko so you can mute your bars if it ain’t about progression. We all can take a page from Ricky I believe and whole heartedly extend my congratulations for his positive influence in the game and keeping us entertained at the same damn time.

For a comprehensive list of all the winners, hit his link here: