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Music Video: @MozaikProducer x @kyle_deutsch - Bhejane #WorldRhinoDay

This beautiful song sees Swati producer and artist Mozaik pair up with Kyle Deutsch in collaboration with Big Game Parks Swaziland to lend a voice to the plight of rhinos being poached senselessly for all sorts of practices. The video is kinda like a day in the life of a rhino and his guardian angel, the ranger. We see Mozaik and Kyle take up duties as well to feed and play with oBhejane. Such a beautiful ode. A sad one too, when you see how a care free animal can have a target on its horn for selfish reasons. Why are we like this mara? On World Rhino Day, this song is a message to all humans letting us know that we are the answer to the survival of these endangered animals.

Watch the video over here.