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Most Talked About Conflicts Of 2016 Thus Far... #SAHIPHOPMIDYEAR

What's hip hop music without some conflict. Well in the first six months of 2016 we had some lean conflicts that had everyone talking. Well seeing that we in a reflective mood peep the most talked about conflicts in 2016 thus far.

Ntukza vs Scoop

This conflict is fresh. Like really fresh. Did you miss what Ntukza told us about how this all started?
Well to sum it up Scoop told Ntukza that he needs to go back to studio cause he wasn't feeling his new single. This compounded to mixed emotions on social media with people saying Scoop wasn't himself and others saying Scoop was being an honest presenter. This is what Ntukza said to us. Press play after the jump

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AKA vs Tweezy

Another conflict that is fresh is the one between AKA x Tweezy. I don't want to speculate and lie and pretend like I know whats going on cause if I did that would make me PAP. Anyway AKA shared the reason why there may be some unAyobaness between he x Tweezy

Listen to Tweezy Talking Relationship With AKA

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Cassper Nyovest vs Tumi

Before Stogie was Tumi. The weird part about this one is that Tumi tweeted "About the only ponytail I cosign" and he was showing love to his Cigar. Most of y'all thought it was shade thrown Casspers way. It kind of was cause how many famous pony tails you know huh? They finally made peace though and everything is good.

Emtee vs The Trolls

Emtee is still at it in terms of calling out people that dont feel his music or him in general. Often I go look at his Twitter feed and he actually has full blown conversations with his haters. Thats dope. Keep your haters close they say.

With Emtee winning a SAMA you know he got some fresh trolls now.

Emtee vs Riky Rick
Also after Emtee's collected almost every award he was nominated for at the Metro awards the naysayers got on twitter questioning his victory. Riky dropped Sidlukotini and had a line insinuating that people are paying for awards. This obviously never sat well with Emtee and so he released a track called Amamenemene which had some subliminals directed at Riky Rick. This beef never blew up like one would expect it cause there wasn't any name dropping and none of them made it a media spectacle. I can assume there was a misunderstanding between the two gents cause Emtee posted a picture of himself and Riky yesterday on his Instagram post. The biggest award is everyone getting along when they winning and not struggling so this can only be a good thing.