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6 Most Downloaded Tracks On From Last Week


Way It Go:
Dj Switch x Tumi, Youngsta, Nasty C - Way It Go - 17507 downloads

Its no question the biggest song last week came from Dj Switch this was on all platforms. It was the most discussed track with the conversation based on who had the best verse and a lot of love given to the two up and comings Youngsta and Nasty C. Way it go owned last week.


Akuna Mathata
Airdee x The Fraternity, K2,Junior De Rocka - Akuna Mathata Download - 12020 downloads

Akhuna Mathata no established superstars on this track but the following the cult following that Big Brother personality K2 brings could of been a big numbers drawer. The Fraternity and Junior De Rocka have also dropped some dope joints this year that did well but all in all this was the perfect collaboration by Airdee that brought different strengths to reach these massive numbers.


Stilo Magolide - 7238 downloads Im sure More could of easily been number two but they had more than one download link splitting the numbers. Since we can only account for own page Stilo's More is number three.


Back 2 Back Alleged:
Cassper Nyovest - Back 2 Back Alleged AKA Diss 6804 downloads

Im not sure where we got this link but it was another joint that had a couple of link and could of probably been number one and maybe the most discussed joint last week but unfortunately it wasn't the response the fans were waiting for. Cassper has promised to deliver a response soon and hopefully that will create conversation and numbers beyond back 2 back.


E-Jay - Apartheid - 4336 downloads

E-Jay dropped his EP last week. Apartheid was really the only new song on it and it makes sense why it got the highest downloads on his entire mixtape


Brand New:
Dj ID x Reason, Skwatta Kamp - Brand New- 4228 downloads

As a surprise joint Dj ID dropped a Skwatta Kamp remix from Reason. The joint was received well but people also wanted to hear Skwatta on the joint.Who knows maybe they'll be another remix.

Other tracks to check out.

Red Button - Bomba

Dot Com - Emotional

Mophemo - Tlatsa

Priddy Ugly- Hunnids