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@MissPattyMonroe Responds To @DJSwitchSA's #NowOrNeverRemix Features

Patty Monroe had something to say about the way the #NowOrNever features list was set up. She wasn't directing it to the featured but at the lack of/ non-presence of any female rapper on the track.

Peep what she had to say. You'll see that it rhymes too.

Now or never another all male endeavor Failing to deliver call the midwife, Mr clever A man was never conceived by a man alone What's this science fiction tryna make a clone? We birthed them burped them paroled them from behind bars Now they walk around with their heads all up in the stars We of Isis and she sense a crisis Cause while the male is valuable the female she be priceless These men govern through pride and emotion Try Silence our voices *insert broken heart emoticon They want the sex use us for our bodies Then use the ex perience to make similes They focus on our asses gaze at our titties Gossip on the nine lives of our little kitties Tell us the people only love us for our looks Please... Our bra's got tigher hooks Time to undress the elephant in the room Now or never signing out - Patty Boom Boom

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