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Why SA Hip Hop Shows Loves To @MinnieDlamini - #ThirstTrap

When it comes to the most rapped about IT girl in SA Hip Hop Minnie Dlamini takes this title hands down. No offence to other ladies in the game but we been hearing many rappers talk about Minnie in their records so we thought we should give props where props is due. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, relax and let me take you on a journey on why SA hip hop loves Minnie Dlamini.

You see Minnie is the ultimate dream girl not just for rappers but for most guys in the country, damn even Rick Ross can co-sign what I just said. Why am I saying this? I mean besides her looks Minnie carries herself with such grace and elegance she deserves rose petals to be thrown at her feet whenever she is walking. She deserves doves to be released on a perfect sunny day whenever she appears from afar. But SA rappers are making records about her and hey this is also some form of recognition on the power of this Zulu Maiden.

The one thing that makes Minnie special in the hip hop game is her very welcoming attitude. Don't quote me on this but she seems like akazitsheli and compared to some of the other IT girls she seems very chilled and approachable. You can name the amount of records where prominent rappers like Cassper & Ifani have declared their affection for her on some of the biggest records in the country and she easily has a laugh about this. Secondly, she always seems to play along with these rappers in the context of what they doing. Nothing like a maiden who supports SA Hip Hop right? Right.

When it comes to keeping it natural and being a real Zulu princess Minnie embraces her heritage so well that she is quick to correct you if you trying to question her heritage. Lets not get into the gossip side of things cause we not that kind of content site but from what we have seen on social media Minnie has an aura about her which spells natural, real and hey in the game of Hip Hop all these things count for something. Without being to thirsty we also have to respect how Minnie respects her body and showcases it to embrace her Zulu heritage.

Moving away from how she embraces her Zulu culture Minnie's work ethic is something to be marveled at. I think this is why rappers are always showing love neh? Another point worth mentioning is how Minnie carries herself like an Underdog. Whenever you think she has done something big she does even bigger things. This is important in the context of her maintaining her number one status as the IT girl of SA Hip Hop. We also have seen from her social media presence that she always maintains an aura of privacy. You can't teach that sort of stuff and this is one thing you have to respect about Minnie.

Next time you hear Minnie's name being mentioned by rappers in this country remember these points on what makes her special. Minnie if you reading this you have to know that as a game and culture we respect you, we appreciate you and rappers will continue making records about you cause of the qualities you possess and of course cause cats are thirsty.

On a closing note this is the headline that all thirsty rappers have been waiting for.