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MikeWillMadeIt Shares How South Africa Trip Inspired Him To Make Gucci's New Album

When this shit come on in the club this shit has to sound like an earthquake. When I went to South Africa for the first time and I heard a lion roar, I never heard no shit like that in my life, ever. This has to be that. This has to come on sounding like What the fuck? From top to bottom.

Gucci Mane recorded his album in 6 days but there is a deep story here. MikeWill x Zaytoven kept crafting the album while guwop was locked up. In a long interview with the FADER Mike Will talks how the album was planned.

It was cool after reading the piece to learn that a lion sound he heard in South Africa inspired him abit on the album. Word to that lion.

Click here to read the entire piece via the fader