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Meet Your #UnderdogDay2015 Freshmen Class Of 2015

UnderdogDay is very close to our hearts here at SlikourOnLife. The concept began as a very small idea where we saw how many artists wanted to be heard and get their music out there in South Africa. So we decided to give them a voice but we knew from day one that whatever we do has to be innovative and fresh cause Lord knows that the mode of getting a deal is changing or better yet getting radio spins as an unsigned artist is hard. So what was the idea? We have dropped underdogs every Wednesday since 2015 and every week we find a winner and that winner needs to share his or her tracks as many times as possible to be the overall winner at the end of the month. The grand prize is getting their record to be played on Miss Cosmos show on 5 FM where they have to battle out the established artists to make it on her top 5 tracks.

Before we unveil #UnderdogDay2015 Freshmen Class Of 2015 I want to explain why we doing this. It's always been our mandate to be the platform that exposes unsigned x undiscovered talent to the world. With all this being said it would be unfair to single out one particular underdog because all the underdogs that made it on this list have either had the most plays, won underdogday and simply used the platform to their benefit. The sad truth is that as much as we can give you the exposure its really up to the underdogs on the day to put in the work meaning get their record to be shared as many times as possible.

Watch the video after the jump where Nasty C explains how UnderdogDay helped him

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Here are is your #UnderdogDay2015 Freshmen Class. The criteria is simple. The rapper should have made it to Miss Cosmos Top 5, got major spins according to our site analytics.

A huge shoutout must also be given to Miss Cosmo who has selflessly backed this idea from day one and we look forward to bringing out more underdogs in 2016.

Here are your #UnderdogDay 2015 OnlifeFreshmen Class who made it on Miss Cosmos and made it on her top 5 charts


When I looked back at the archives I realised that this was the very K2 who was on big brother. He shattered our underdogday records with his smash hit titled "Sammy Sosa". Its crazy what has happened since K2 was an underdog here on the site.

Nasty C

Nasty C's rise shows the potential of what UnderdogDay can do if you put out the work. "Wenza ama Mbara" is the first track that made us pay attention to the kid. The rest they say is history


Fresh from winning female MC at SAHHA 2015 Asessa was part of the first underdog intake in the first half of 2015. Its dope that she's out there now doing her thing.


Manu holds a special place in our hearts here at SOL. He is the first underdog day artist and has now signed a public relations contract with Orgella Communications. I can't wait to see Manu break into the industry cause he is a special talent. His mixtape From Now Call Me Manu is the most slept on tape in 2015


In my opinion this is prolly the most hardworking underdog who prolly does not consider himself an underdog with the moves that he makes. He has had his music break on YFM and Miss Cosmos show was icing on the cake. Watch out for Jovis, he stays working. His track titled "Mamncane" is the first track that got him a look on the site.

RealCool Prince

Real Cool prince has a smash track titled "Ghost" which really deserves some serious spins.


Something to chill you out with NeoMatrix featuring Morafe's Kaygizm this track made it on Miss Cosmos Top 5 once upon a time


I really like this cats music and flow. I remember when put up the track it got a lot of love on the site. Valumlom still deserves to be played right now in 2016.


Phresh Clique come through swinging repping the 021 till the wheels fall off. The duo really needs to have a few more tracks and maybe collabs with some established artists for them to pop. Umlilo is a serious banger and I remember how happy I was when i heard it being played on Miss Cosmos show.


Robin Thirdfloor is one of the most slept on Durban cats. His song writing ability and musicality is on a 100. I could not find his underdog track on line but here he is with a music video.

Neo Pitso

Neo is our international underdog cause homie is based in Australia. He is also holds the crown for being the second underdog artist since we started underdogday. He is kind of there in terms of his sound but it would be interesting if Neo started doing more local music even though he is in Australia. We could not find his track online but here he is with his latest single "Money First"


BangBelladonna got major spins when he took underdog day last week. Dude also has a dope tape titled "The Barbershop Ep". Keen to hear more from this dude


Prolly one of the most aggressive rappers in this class. Judas dropped Cranberry x Juice and when you hear the record you going to hear the aggressiveness i am talking about

$pace $ave Logics

Space Logics dropped prolly the most slept on track titled "George Lebese" which is an ode to the kaiser chiefs soccer player. The song is really dope and its a stand out in 2015.


With a freestyle titled “Cop A Freestyle” over a classical boom bap beat. The young rapper n' producer still proves he's one of the best unsigned Hip-Hop artist in Africa and still making waves and hoping for a breakthrough.

J1oNE x TuneziAM

J1 and Mthunzi as I have said before in some posts before this need to keep dropping music consistently. Their sound is refreshing and keen to see where they end up in 2016

Blaq Slim x Boolz

Slim and Boolz hailing from CPT had a good year in terms of getting their music out there. According to my sources the two are set to drop individual EP's this year. But the real story here is this "Man Of The Year" single which is hella dope and did well in 2015 on underdogday.


Rapping the 031 avengers is Champ who has a strong vernacular flow and needs to ride in this lane fully.


Its no secret that trap has slowly made its way in SA Hip Hop where kids are rapping about getting faded x lit and everything in between. Enter OG 90 who were the last winners in 2015 and there track is yet to be played on Miss Cosmos show (we working on it). Villains is a serious banger and deserves to be on #UnderdogDay2015 Freshmen Class Of 2015