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Meet @AKAworldwide and @DjZinhle Daughter Kairo Owethu Forbes

Yesterday AKA and his lady Dj Zinhle dropped their most valued project a baby girl called Kairo Owethu.
AKA's And Dj Zinhle's Daughter Kairo Owethu Forbes. On deck to support him was his on and off stage homie who also has a daughter Da L.E.S.

Da L.E.S and AKA

The moment could of been so emotional that the North God posted a picture of himself and AKA on stage with the following caption Our fans make it possible for out daughters to reap the rewards. Grateful blessings on blessings on blessings

AKA and DA L.E.S on stage Congratulations to Mr Forbes prepare yourself for less sleep for a little while.