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@Mashayabhuqe_ZA Dropping A Freebie Package And A Single For The Festive

Mashayabhuqe KaMamba is gearing for December,he's got something really amazing for the Digital kids out there, music for your soul. He'll be dropping an official single in December prod by Ruff entitled: KwaDukuza (Testimonial Taxi Violence) this title can still change.

He'll also release his #FP (Freebies Package) or Fun Playlist before end of Nov. I came up with this format for the mere fact that as artists we sometimes we get stuck with new and old material and we find it hard to place it and put it out there, whether its a single,a free song,so the best way to do this is to just put it all together and drop it as FP (you just feeding the streets) I'm avoiding people saying, "He dropped his Mixtape or EP with his old ass records, he doesn't respect us"

The EP is something to keep you busy while you wait for his SINGLE.