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@RealMandoza Gives @ReasonHD Some OG Advice On The Game -You Want To See This

I'm really glad to see Reason tweet this cause people dont understand how this music thing is not forever and you need to always be grounded. When I was coming up artists like Arthur were going to global companions like ErnstnYoung to do their books. I remember being told that Zola had to book a private flight to get to all his gigs. If cats had cocaine habits you can imagine how much money was circulating back in the day. People were selling 500,000 units and that royalty was lunch money cause they were making so much more from other things. I keep telling cats fame aint change from what it was when Mandoza and TKZee were blown but the money has definately depreciated. What made our music business was that it was self sufficient fans purchased the music, promoters booked shows, people came and supported. The problem with todays game is that its very dependent on brands endorsing or buying into the culture. If a brand doesnt co-sign you you won't be at the events that matter or maybe make the money they paying. Obviously things like unemployment, internet, airtime, freedom have given the average consumer a lot more options and music isn't just the only thing they can consume.