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Which Lyrics From @DjSwitchSA #WayItGo Made Social Media Go Crazy cc @YoungstaCpt @Nasty_CSA @TumiMolekane

Okay we all lost our minds when this record dropped and seeing that this track has three Rhyme Slingers we thought it would be dope to share their lyrics that were lit and made y'all go ape.

"What happened To Ricky/What happened at Back To The City/What numbers you shipping/ What car is you whipping/You Hello Kitty Nigga What the fuck is you thinking" -Tumi


"Kaapstad Naaier 2015/Hanging out the taxi haven't got teeth/Wolf on wall street looking for a sheep/Sacrifice lambs you think it was Eid" - Youngsta


"Ain't ironic is it ironic Tumi came to switch the volume up/But he say hello Kitty Niggas are you nuts/Return of the king now the bar is up/ Niggas is mad is the got cut and never got a cut"


You agree that these are the dopest verses?