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Lyrical Qoutables From Last Weeks Releases

We grateful that we get so much content on our site but sometimes we dont listen to everything in detail but luckily we have the weekend to revisit and what a week it was for the lyrics.
Did you catch them all? Did we miss something? Check the qoutes we picked up.

Cassper Nyovest - Skelm.

I hate instigating but are there a couple of subliminal shots on this? Either way we need to stop asking whether Cassper can rap cause on this joint he makes it clear.

The game is getting sour on the day though/ They even got awards on a payroll/

Some of you pissed of the hood but want act as a victim/ Like I aint black thats the difference thats why this Cassper is winning/
Boy Im the man and i did without no backing of business/
They clearly dont give a fuck about the craft Im the realist/

I see too many rappers and not enough CEOs

Dj Sliqe ft Riky Rick,Kwesta, Reason and Thaiwanda.

Who brought the best verse on this joint?
Peep the highlights.

Riky Rick:
Her mama was a hoe/ She couldnt break the cycle/
My daddy was a player he taught me
How to spytwo

My bullets got all your address in it/ As soon as I see you Im sending it/
Im aiming at you and your crew/
And the chick that you screw/
Just tO show you that you the bitch/

When you see me Im next to Maimani Like Musi think I might went over their/

See I can tell you I just met these niggaz And Im just playing cool/
But I'll be lying when I met these niggaz
I wasnt playing.... cool/

They think this shit is a movie AboTom awu Cruise

I just copped all the cops and a bonke ba suthi
so ofcourse y'all toast for the boss haai suka

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Ganja Beats and Youngsta - I Dunno

There isn't a specific line on this track that stands out but the way Youngsta stays consistent with the phrase I Dunno is remarkable. Right now Youngsta is one of the most important lyricist of this generation of rappers. I mean I could of written the whole third verse but I'll let you peep the highlights and stream the joint.

"I Dunno"

I gotta flow thats why I stand out/ And these rappers stand up their music is comical/

Will I got to hell only heaven know I dunno I Dunno

Im undeniable your sound does not work will somebody hire you I Dunno I Dunno

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Big Star - Dreamwork:

The main thing that Big Star masters is flow. The last few bars on verse one he flips it like a mad man.

After the competition there was no competition The next five years aint going be piff without me

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Smashis - Leave Me Alone:

Well written verses from Smashis. The concept of the song is him asking you people to tell other people to leave him alone. Whats dope is that on both verses he consistently starts most of his bars with the lines Tell Em I said. Which links back to the chorus. Smashis might have a lazy flow but this is not lazy writing.

I had to clean up my desk/ cause niggas wanted to be bosses/
I had to wish them best/
And go my own way and cut the losses/
I dont play about the nonsense/
I'm afraid I might of lost it/

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