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The @LOTP_SA1 Crew Gives Clubbing Do's & Don'ts In Their #Guide2Groove #LifeOfThePartySA

Pop mabhodlela in the club? Is it cool to experience chestpains at the club? Why you at the club if you broke B? The highest bill?

Yo, This is hella funny. The Life Of The Party Crew insisting of @Larryngitis, @ChamaIsShama, @SiphoSays, @Khaya23, @DjayEskaySA, @BongzThaMrK & @Honorable_Mos , comes together to school us on the do's and don'ts of clubbing in the Johannesburg night life scene. This is the ultimate "clubbing for dummies" guide, and it's pretty dope, enjoy.

Look out for more to come from them.