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Lookout For @SA_HipHopAwards #SAHHA2016 Nominees This Friday

It's that time of the year again where various bodies in the industry tally up all the hard work that has been put in by artists and music professionals alike. One such event is the annual South African Hip Hop Awards. They announced yesterday that the nominees for 2016 will be shared this Friday.

Now, before we sharpen our weapons as we often like to, bear in mind that there was an open submission process that artists had to follow. In some instances, artists deliberately do not submit for the awards. So before we throw stones, let the default questions be: "Did your fave submit?" and "What is the criteria?"

On a brighter note, the team says they will also be ushering in new hosts after 4 years with Pule and J-Boboza. I wonder who it will be. I certainly hope they plan to change it up yearly to keep us guessing about who will host the awards next.

Get in the comments section and give us some of your predictions for the nominees this year.