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Listen To Yassin Bey's Message On South Africa & Its State x Retires From Music #NoMorePartiesInSA

"Please Tell them No More Parties In SA. Hey home affairs. Tell them Im leaving"

"Why they raiding my place"

"I committed no crime why is the state wasting my time. I just wanna go where I'm loved"

Mos Def just released what seems like a statement about being detained in South Africa but it sounds like a track to me. The speech goes in on how he feels about being detained in SA and goes on to say "No More Parties in SA". He recorded this right now in Cape Town South Africa.

I hope Mos Def and his family are safe which he is and he says this in the clip. Yassin is an iconic dude and I hope this ends and we all find peace.

Click here to listen to the 6 minute speech