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Listen: @StankyDeeJay_SA Hip Hop Wet Mix

The homie Stanky is another cat who is quietly putting in work. His latest track, Spotlight features Maraza and Gemini Major, it's serious heat.

But you prolly here to peep this wet mix from him. That's a very interesting title to be honest. This mix is for those cosy nights with your partner, it's a mood setter soundtrack for cuddling and all the other stuff you and your partner might get up to.


1.Elhae - Situations

2.Ye Ali - Thigh Kisser

3.Kirko Bangz - Big Love

4.Tory Lanez - Cold Hard Love

5.Hudson East - Change

6.Elhae - Love A Nigga

7.Bryson Tiller - Just Another Interlude

8.dvsn - Too Deep

9.Ye Ali - Ammunition

10.Ye Ali - Menu


12.Tory Lanez - Flex

13.Jeremih ft. Jhene Aiko - Worthy

14.Ye Ali - Used Too

15.Tory Lanez - The Mission

16.Elhae - Don't Walk Away

17.Ye Ali - Sauce

18.Hudson East - Realist/Outro

19.Tory Lanez - Say It

20.Tory Lanez - Come Back To Me

21.Ye Ali - Casual & My Room

22.Elhae - Crazy

23.Blackbear - Spent All My Money

24.Elhae - Need

25.Tory Lanez - Crew