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Listen: @Driemanskap Cypher (November Freestyle Pt. 2)


The spaza kings are on one right now. This Driemanskap Cypher (November Freestyle pt.2) is a bow out by the boys as they part ways with their recent record label Native Rhythms which they signed to earlier this year. There’s no bad blood between Driemanskap and Native Rhythms though, just as there isn’t with Pioneer Unit, the label they were signed to prior to signing to Native Rhythms. The crew’s departure is due to growth.

“We somewhat felt like it was time for us to take the wheel and fly Driemanskap ngokwethu,” says the crew. “We have left Native due to growth and to embark on a journey of flying as Driemanskap under no umbrella.”

On the Cypher, Drie embraces the freestyle fever, which Ma-B is well known for. The Driemanskap Cypher (November Freestyle Pt. 2) is to keep the masses occupied while the crew is fine-tuning other moves that will soon be brought to light. They're just having fun and flexing lyrical over an international beat to show some flair and versatility. The freestyle is meant to remind you of the old Driemanskap that we all fell in love with — that street-centric boom bap tip they were about on tracks like Sphum’eGugs, Dark Streets and Shoot to Kill, among others.

Their long-promised album Hlala Nam is still in the works, so we should hang in there a little longer. I have reason to believe the wait will be worth it.

Stream it over here: