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Music: @drdre - Gunfiyah

It's been a minute since we heard any new music from Dre, almost like two years. After a long hiatus, he brings us his latest single titled Gunfiyah ("gunfire" in a Jamaican accent). The track is actually one of the soundtracks for a doccie himself and Jimmy Lovine are busy with, it's called The Defiant Ones and it's generally about their relationship.

The doccie has already aired and Gunfiyah is only set to play on the forth episode. This track might not actually evoke memories of projects like The Chronic, but it's definitely a solid cut that is sure to please many Hip Hop heads who've been waiting for new Dre music. More good news is that the Dr is currently busy at work with new Eminem music so we're also looking forward to that!

Check it out: