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Leaked 'Days Before Birds' Album Declared Fake By @TrvisXX

This is an unauthorized release that was not approved by Travis Scott. We are in the process of getting it taken down. We are requesting that all media sites remove the material." - Travis Scott Representative

Seems like Friday was really lit. An album by Travis Scott titled Days Before Birds appeared on streaming platforms such as Google Music Play, Spotify and i-Tunes. The crazy part is this album was uploaded but the artist did not authorize it. Hol' up! So the premier online streaming sites just get tracks up nje with your name and you only respond later? Rihanna must be taking up La Flame's time. This is not a good look.

The more bizarre story here is that all the tracks that made it on the so called album are not on the official Birds album. It seems like these are all tracks which were dropped on .Wav Radio (by the way, s/o to Slikour for putting me onto that Apple shandis, it literally changed my world).

Peep the fake tracklist. But there is more to this story in my opinion.

Travis Scott’s Days Before Birds Tracklist
1. “Black Mass”
2. “Fish N Grits” Feat. Wale
3. “Hot Sauce” Feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR
4. “Oh Me Oh My” Feat. Migos and G4shi
5. “Ooo Nana” Feat. Young Thug
6. “Pour Up”
7. “Raw Raw” Feat. Lil Uzi Vert
8. “The Hooch”
9. “Uber Everywhere”
10. “Yah Yah” Feat. Young Thug

Side Note- the album will be removed from streaming sites but knowing how clever y'all are you prolly have it already. Don't ask me if I have it. I plead the vth 5th!