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@Laylizzy Talks Mozambique Hip Hop x How He Met @AKAWorldWide On #OnlifeQna By @SkinnyGenes_TV

Sup Onlifers. Happy to bring to you another onlife q n a. This time we venture into Mozambique and I chopped it up with Lay Lizzy. You may know dude as a winner on UnderDogDay in the month of September 2015. But Lay Lizzy star is shining brighter for other reasons now. AKA recently announced that he has a track with homie and it will be dropping soon. Secondly, Lay Lizzy also has a music video that is apparently doing the most in Mozambique called "Tha Crew". Sit back, kick back and peep my onlife q n a with Lay Lizzy. Hope you enjoy it.

What’s good Laylizzy? How’s your day been fam? 

What up fam, everything’s good. Day has been busy and productive.


Let’s get into this online Q&A . To those who don't know, who is LayLizzy?

Laylizzy is a rapper/song-writter from Mozambique, inclined towards hip-hop but always ready for a new challenge. Laylizzy’s a cool guy, a feet on ground type of guy, a real person with a talent and a dream.


Oh so you hail from Moz? Can you explain the state of the game in Moz?

Yes sir. The music industry in Moz is slowly growing, we are embracing more our own music and supporting our own more, it wasn’t always like this. Thanks to Geobek we managed to make the alliance we needed to let it be known that there is a Mozambique out here, and we got a lot to offer, that will also contribute to the health of the music industry here at home, being noticed by our fellow African countries and more.


In terms of an African sound, do you feel that your sound is authentic? Can you briefly explain what your sound is about?

My producer, Ellputo and I are still developing our own sound, one that we can actually put a stamp on, right now our authenticity comes more so from the story we tell, and Ellputo’s own way of producing, that’s what makes our sound at this point.

My sound is very influenced by the West, however as I grow, I embrace the African in me more and more, making it a perfect blend of what I’ve been listening to since I was a child, to what I am listening to now, which is mostly african, and also what I am going through, the trials and tribulations of my brothers and sisters, the good times, the bad times, the personal experiences, that is what my sound and my music in general is about. As a new artist to the world, much there is to be understood and felt about and from Laylizzy.


Who have you worked with in Mozambique? Are there any big artists that you been messing with?

Yes, I’ve worked with a lot of big artists in Moz, within my genre and others aswell, Dama do bling, Hernâni, the leading hip-hop group in Mozambique right now called Sameblood Os primos (which is owned by me and my producer Ellputo), New Joint, Duas Caras, G-Pro, Mr. Bow, the list is long because at a certain point I was being requested for features weekly, not to toot my own horn, it’s just what it was. Right now, if I am not working on my own projects I am working on Sameblood Os primos, considering it is their time to shine here in Moz, it’s only right that they have my undivided attention.


I am aware that we had you on #UnderdogDay not so long ago. Do you feel that you are an underdog? 

Well, I am getting a lot of love from all over after the release of my 1st international single Tha crew, however there is a lot more to do, so I guess I am still an underdog.


Correct me if I'm wrong but "Tha Crew" is your current single right? Is it buzzing in Mozambique at the moment?

Yes it is. Yes very much, Moz loves it and I am thankful for it.


Can you explain the video concept to us? 

Yes. Tha crew is a song and video about your crew, about whoever is in your corner in the bad times and good times, your co-workers, your family, your best friend, it’s a song about you feeling good with those around you and celebrating music and life.

Your team hit us up with news that you and AKA are about to release a record. Can you take us back on how you met AKA?

1st time I met AKA, he was performing at the Loeries awards, we went to a club performance together, but I don’t think he recognized me when he met me again, this time at Burna Boy’s hotel room, where me and my producer Ellputo were working on some songs with him. Burna heard my track, he said it would be perfect for Kiernan as he said, he called him, he showed up, loved the music, jumped on it right then and there, and that’s how the relatinoship started.


Can you briefly explain what the recording process was like?

It was easy going, especially because I had worked on the song at my studio in Moz (Sameblood Studio), AKA jus listened to it for 20 minutes, hopped on the booth and did what he does. The rest of the night we were just chilling, talking and vibing out.

What can people expect to hear on the record?

Expect nothing, and you’ll get everything.


Like AKA, are you also planning on working with other artists across the continent?

Yes I am, I have already worked with some, when we’re about to release, we will let it be known, I just hope people like it, enjoy it and feel inspired by it.


In terms of SA Hip Hop, who would you like to work with? What’s your top 5 list?

*AKA was always number one on my SA list, I guess that’s done hehe.Emtee,HHP,Riky Rick and Nasty C


Where are you with your album?

Following God’s time with it, it’ll come in due time.

Thank you for taking time to chop it up with us. Before we let you go, what can you tell people about artists collaborating with other artists in the African continent?


It’s good, it’s important, it shows unity, we should all do it with each other and strive together.